Saturday, October 31, 2009

REBEKA was complex, Leyse's J-LOOP taught more.

Below is a great design. The power is too low (no fun). During 1973 Blogger Leyse was at W having a great time (below). Now the real fun was with blowdown from full power, likely about 18 kW/foot, but do not ask me to prove it. Anyway DNB came fast, as you can see! This was at Forest Hills. The "experts" up the street wanted several seconds. Too bad!

OK, today is November 8, 2009,and here is more J-Loop stuff. I left W during 1974, however, W feasted via EPRI on the J-Loop system that I left behind. I have the following EPRI report, EPRI NP-1793, April 1981, Full Scale Controlled Transient Heat Transfer Tests - Facility Description, Here is the cover:

And below is the axial power distribution of the heater rods. I scanned this figure from NP-1793, however, I had to redo scales and captions because the original was too light. This likely is the power distribution that I used in the 1973 plot that appears above. Click on it to enlarge.
Now, I would really like to have the test data from that EPRI funded work, but I do not have the reports that are referenced in NP-1793, these are EPRI Final Report NP-1810, Volumes 1 and 2 and EPRI Final Report NP-1792. I'm trying to get copies.