Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Hello, I am Robert Leyse of Sun Valley, Idaho and I want the public to know that I have found the following via GOOGLE.  I am including the links so that others may check my findings.
Link 1: http://www.dnfsb.gov/sites/default/files/Board%20Activities/Reports/Staff%20Issue%20Reports/Idaho%20National%20Laboratory/2014/sir_2014523_24466_37.pdf                                        DNFSB investigated the status of the IWTU and reported its findings to DOE May 23, 2014. It reported “…a lack of assurance that the facility can safely proceed with nuclear operations.”  “Therefore, pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 2286b(d), the Board requests a report and briefing within 30 days, on DOE's evaluation of the need for additional independent assessment at the completion of IWTU startup testing and prior to the introduction of radioactive waste feed.”
Link 2:                           http://www.dnfsb.gov/sites/default/files/Board%20Activities/Letters/2014/ltr_2014620_24626.pdf         This is the 30 day reply letter from DOE to DNFSB and it reports agreement that “…IWTU will benefit from an additional independent assessment…”
Link 3:                                                            http://thortt.azurewebsites.net/docs/DNFSB%20Letter.pdf                                                       This documents a DNSFB review, January 24, 2007. “The Board has no significant safety issues with the project at this time (Critical Decision 2/3B). The final design, however, is progressing and there remain a number of items the Board believes must be addressed before the approval of final design and construction of the project.” “The Board commends DOE for considering a potential future mission in this facility. Further, DOE convened an expert panel early in preliminary design to confirm that the design of the facility could accommodate this mission. The Board is encouraged by the project’s commitment to address this panel’s recommendations.”
Link 4:  http://www.cresp.org/crespII/CRESPII_Report/E_attachment/INLreview_complete_9_11_06.pdf  This is the report of the expert panel that is praised in 4.  The report lists 17 findings and associated recommendations.  Here is the first of 17:
“Finding 1. Documentation, data reduction and analysis are incomplete for the pilot-scale studies carried out to date at Hazen Laboratories. … Insufficient attention to these aspects of pilot-testing has been a cause of other DOE program failures.”                                              ”Recommendation 1. Thorough documentation, data reduction and analysis of the results from pilot scale testing carried out to date should be completed as soon as possible and to the extent practical before initiating the planned next stage of pilot-scale testing.”
Others may download the above links and also search for other links regarding the IWTU.