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Saturday, January 23, 2016

DNSFB tolerated waste; The DOE IG found no waste.

Here is the finding by the IG of DOE in response to my assertion of waste:


We have received your emails, and fax and reviewed the information you provided.  At this time, the OIG has determined no further action is warranted as the appropriate parties and agency have already been notified of your complaint.  If you have any additional information of wrongdoing that has not been referred to the appropriate office or is not publically available, please feel free to recontact our office. 

Hotline Coordinator

Here is my response to the DOE IG:

Hotline Coordinator:

Thank you for the prompt response.
However, I do not agree that further action is not warranted.
The construction of a seismic qualified facility that is now called a pilot plant is a case of extreme waste.
During March, 2014, DOE sought approval to begin operations with radioactive waste feed even though the facility was not in shape for that.
DNFSB previously reviewed and authorized construction of a seismic qualified facility even though the technology of the process was proven to be unworkable. The fact that DNFSB reviewed and approved the plans to proceed with seismic qualified construct ion is clear from the following: This link includes the statement, “Presented and defended the project to the Defense Nuclear Facility Safety Board (DNFSB)” 

Over the years, DNSFB did not object to construction of the very expensive facility with seismic qualifications. Thus the DOE expected approval by DNFSB to proceed with operations with radioactive waste feed. It is fortunate that DNFSB did not approve operations with radioactive waste feed. If DNFSB had approved that, cleanup would have been another huge expense.  Right now it will be relatively inexpensive to walk away from the useless facility and demolition will not be mandatory.  However, the cleanup contractor was aware that if the facility became contaminated with radioactive material, there would be another lucrative cleanup project down the road; even though the facility would never have performed its assigned tasks.

Robert H. Leyse