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My 30 year anniversary UHI and the NRC Training Center (Simulator)

I knew how to operate; of course, I knew my stuff!

The caption below refers to a photograph from today's (May 5, 2010) NRC web page.

NRC Commissioner William Ostendorff (center) recently toured the agency’s Technical Training Center, established in 1980, in Chattanooga, Tenn. where nuclear plant simulators, like the one shown here, provide hands-on training for NRC engineers.
Of course, I wonder about the quality of that hands-on training for NRC engineers. Baker-Just and Cathcart-Pawel are alive and likely the 2200 Fahrenheit game is in the NRC's simulator.
The NRC engineers' time would be better spent in a study of PRM-50-93 and its associated public comments.

The above caption says the Technical Training Center was established during 1980. Following is my experience with that Center during 1984. Click to enlarge; your return arrow gets you back.

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UHI Ultra High Risk EPRI NSAC NRC Ohi

This is the third consecutive entry in my UHI series.   Here are three uploaded pages that document part of the turmoil that followed my October 3, 1984, memorandum, UHI-Ultra High Risk.    Click on the page to enlarge for easier reading and access to the right side that is partially obscured.

As I said in earlier, my October 3, 1984 memo let to a lot of turmoil.  The heat was on. I was fighting for survival, so I worked on the day after Thanksgiving and it was an advantage to have no others around.

The above memorandum was addressed to Lang who had been assigned to monitor (to control) the UHI investigations.  So, I worked within the system, and addressed all correspondence to Lang, but I worked independently. I stayed under control because I intended to continue working for EPRI, however, my above contact with the NRC Training Center was effective and there was no way that NSAC could reprimand me for pursuing that credible source even though it alarmed Rossin and very likely others.

Rossin was apparently concerned that Taylor would think Leyse was out of control, hence his note of 11/30 (1984) in which he stopped distribution to J. J. Taylor, the head of the EPRI Nuclear Power Division. 

I'll have further documentation of the very revealing UHI  turmoil that raged within NSAC and EPRI. Several outside organizations became involved including at least three within the NRC. The SANDIA National Laboratory was drawn into the turmoil as a consultant to the NRC.  The ACRS wrote a letter to the Commissioners of the NRC and I'll also post that later.  EPRI even hired an outplacement service, Ward Associates on the famous Sand Hill Road, and later you read how that action intensified the turmoil, although I believe it worked to my advantage.

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UHI Ultra High Risk, October 3, 1984: Inside Stuff, EPRI & NRC

This is my sixth consecutive entry that documents the turmoil that followed my memorandum, UHI Ultra High Risk, October 3, 1984.

This entry jumps ahead of a lot of documentation that I have and that I guess I'll have to place in book if I ever get around to writing that.  On November 7, 1984, Rossin and Breen told me my position was being eliminated, but that I'd have a few months to look for work elsewhere.  So, I looked elsewhere with no immediate success.  I talked to Jim Keppler of the NRC and showed him my memorandum, UHI Ultra High Risk, October 3, 1984, as part of several illustrations of my experience and capabilities.  Keppler asked if he could send this elsewhere in NRC and I agreed, however, I blanked out the source of the document as well as my name.

So, the following two pages are an interesting document that reveals very secret relationships between EPRI and the NRC that I was never aware of.  It also reveals turmoil.  I do not recall how I gained access to the following document; it most certainly was not sent to me.  I am inclined to doubt that Rossin was aware of it, but I do not know that.  I suspect that Layman and Lang were not aware that my position had been eliminated.  On the other hand, 
Rossin may have encouraged this documentation in order to justify getting rid of Leyse. Click to enlarge and back arrow to return.

I'm certainly pleased that EPRI (Layman and Lang) documented the above. This is a clear report of a basically secret set of arrangements between EPRI and the NRC and I suspect that those have continued in various forms over the years and are really intense in today's post-Fukushima world. 

The second page is "interesting" as it describes the "running around" in generating a response to Keppler.  The very last paragraph is also revealing as EPRI apologizes to the NRC for my contact with Keppler.  Well, it is a fact that I was never a party to contacts with the NRC regarding our analyses of operating experience at nuclear power plants.  It is also a fact that others who analyzed operating experience were not very adept at that work.

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5th International Conference on Boiling Heat Transfer Montego Bay, Jamaica, May 4-8, 2003

 5th International Conference on Boiling Heat Transfer
Montego Bay, Jamaica, May 4-8, 2003

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