Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is all of under attack?

On August 28, 2011, I pasted a copy of an e-mail and the system does not properly enlarge it when the copy clicked upon. Instead, the copy remains at the same size with a mammoth black surrounding. Something is wrong.

For convenience of my readers, I am typing the body of the e-mail, March 23, 2011, that is from Shana Helton, chief of NRC's Rulemaking Branch to William Ruland. Here is the body of the e-mail:

Subject: Input for EDO tracking of delays: Delay of Petition for Rulemaking
PRM-50-93/95 due to Japan events


Dick Dudley, the project manager for the subject petition (PRM), was discussing staff availability with Tim Collins, Sher Bahadur, and Tony Mendiola. Sher recommended we alert you to the fact that all cognizant NRR/DSS staff who would be qualified to serve on the working group for PRM-50-93/95, are otherwise occupied in various capacities responding to the recent events in Japan.

Therefore, this PRM will be significantly delayed. Our understanding it that the draft SRM regarding activities studying the Japan events would involve staff efforts up to 9 months from issuance of the SRM. We will evaluate what the new schedule for this SRM might be, but in the meantime, we are providing this info to you for any list of delayed/deferred activities you are providing/have provided to the EDO.