Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Petitions to NRC by Mark Edward Leyse

This list is for my convenience. I am particularly attracted to Item 5. The NRC has been sitting on Item 5 since March 2007.

G20080162/EDATS: OEDO-2008-0178 - Mark Edward Leyse Ltr. re: 10 C.F.R. Section 2.206 Request for Emergency Shutdown of Indian Point Units 2 and 3: the Current Power Levels of Both Plants were Qualified by Emergency-Core-Cooling-System

G20070508 - Mark E. Leyse Ltr Re: Overrule Decision of the Petition Review Board.

G20080162/EDATS:OEDO-2008-0178-Ltr-March 7, 2008 Letter to Mr. Reyes in re: petition of Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulation (10 CFR) Section 2.206 of the NRC Regulations.

G20070508 - Mark Edward Leyse Ltr. re: Indian Point, Units 2 & 3

2007/03/15-Petition for Rulemaking PRM-50-84 Submitted by Mark Edward Leyse re adddressing corrosion of fuel rod cladding surfaces and a change in the calculations for a loss-of-coolant accident.

G20070273 - Mark Edward Leyse Petition for an Enforcement Action Re: 10 CFR 2.206 - Indian Point, Units 2 and 3

G20070273 - Mark Leyse Ltr from Jennifer Golder Re.: Petition for an Enforcement Action Re: 10 CFR 2.206 - Indian Point, Units 2 and 3


jackl said...

You seem to have blocked out your phone number so no one can call you. Carl's closed nuclear installation, I now remember, was based on a continuously processed molten salt reactor/reprocessing facility combination. I'll assume that you have more nuclear knowledge than you displayed in our phone call, so you know the advantages and technical challenges of molten salt reactors.

The water level controlled reactor was called the progressive conversion reactor.

The professor who confirmed the story about ORNL grabbing the flux trap concept was Alex Sesonske.

Dr. Strangelove said...

All these safety issues are of course concerning. However these issues pale into insignificance when you consider the fact that mankind has managed to create a Doomsday machine without being aware of it. I'm not an engineer. I'm an Accountant. But I can read and understand the basic concepts and what I am understanding is terrifying.
Nuclear energy is based on one fundamentally and fatally flawed premise. That civilisation will carry on as usual. The status quo will be maintained and everything will remain constant. But History has proven this premise to be totally wrong. As I write and look at the state of the global economy and the predictable imminent demise of the infinite growth economic model, this premise looks even more ludicrous. Whenever calamity struck mankind in the past (pre nuclear) there was always hope. In fact there was almost no chance of extinction. There was for the most part a high likelihood of survival of the species.
Now in the nuclear age I have come to the very depressing conclusion that there is no hope in any catastrophic scenario. Quite literally for the sake of a few years worth of cheap electricity we have sealed our fates in a coffin. Should a major catastrophic event occur now we would become extinct. I don't mean a few survivors soldiering on. I mean extinct as in every single person would cease to exist. My conclusion is based on my understanding of what would happen if nuclear reactors and HLW facilities were left unattended for extended periods of time. So for example a pandemic strikes. 80% death rate. Economies collapse, systems fail, and societal collapse. Ignoring nuclear at this stage there is still hope. Many might even call this stage a blessing given that current population levels are completely unsustainable. However, we can safely assume in this scenario that many nuclear facilities are now unmanned. Within hours most would scram. Within days diesel backup generators would fail resulting in core exposure and meltdown. Ultimately within a month of being unmanned, containment breach would occur followed by a massive release of radiation. There are around 450 reactors around the world. Many of them old. Unfortunately it gets worse, call it over kill. HLW facilities would meltdown within a few days possibly weeks of being left unmanned. HLW facilities contain hundreds if not thousands of tons of highly radioactive spent fuel rods. The radioactivity from just a few of these facilities melting down would end all human life on this planet. This is the real issue and the one we should be seriously pondering.
Assumption is the mother of screwups and to assume that a catastrophe won’t strike and base the most dangerous industry on earth on this assumption will lead to the mother of all screwups. The ultimate price of using nuclear is simply too high to pay.

We need to stop this madness now.